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Every wonderful moment would be incomplete without crackling sounds and colors. All of your cracker needs for wholesale prices are handled in one location. Buy your favourite crackers online at a lower price. Providing worthy products is our first priority. Sri Balaji Pyropark services will give you 100% satisfaction for every product you purchase.

Celebrate your Diwali and other functions by ordering nattu vedi crackers online. Now you can easily buy crackers online without going to any shop and no need to bargain with anyone, and there are a lot of benefits, such as the comfort of purchasing from your home, the accessibility of choice, and the greatest rates.

Sivakasi crackers are always special hand-made items, and we supply 200+ varieties of crackers to Sivakasi and all over Tamilnadu. Biggest sound crackers, 5000 Wala, Mega bomb, Skyrockets, Ground Chakkars, Red Bijili, Twin Spinner Super Deluxe, Flower Pots Special, and many more items are available here to make your day so special. We want to make your day more colorful with your close ones.

logoQuality Products

Quality Products

When it comes to Sivakasi Crackers, quality takes precedence over cost. We understand that the value of a product goes beyond its price tag. That's why we meticulously select Crackers with the same care as if we were choosing them for our own family. Our commitment to safety, premium quality, and affordability ensures an exceptional experience that resonates with both adults and children.



Get your Orders Within Two Days.Pick your Orders from nearest Transport Office.Transport Charge to be paid separately while receiving the Goods. Visit FAQ section for more details.

logoEco friendly

Eco friendly

Nowadays environment is a primary concern.So our crackers are free of harmful components, like Barium, Aluminum and Chromium that are generally used in firecrackers to get different colours. Instead we use Government guided ECO friendly mixture of chemicals.

logoPayment Options

Payment Options

We will call you once your order is placed. You can choose your Payment option. We accept Google Pay, Phonepe, UPI Transaction and Account Transfer


In accordance with a 2018 Supreme Court ruling, we wish to inform our valued customers that the online sale of firecrackers is not permitted. At Sri Balaji Agencies, we deeply respect jurisdiction and uphold legal compliance. To cater to your needs, kindly add the desired products to your cart and submit your enquiries via the provided button. Within 24 hours, our team will promptly contact you via WhatsApp or phone call to confirm your order. Rest assured, all our shops and go-downs strictly adhere to explosive acts, and we diligently dispatch parcels through registered and authorized transport service providers, similar to other reputable companies in Sivakasi. Celebrate your Diwali with joy and safety with Sri Balaji Agencies

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Dear customers, thank you for choosing Sri Balaji Agencies for your festive needs. We take pride in providing Sivakasi crackers all year round, ensuring joyous celebrations for Christmas, New Year, Pongal, weddings, and more. Trust in our quality, safety.

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